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How I Bought a Car at Yorkdale Toyota Toronto

My notes on the experience of being a component of a long running transaction

August 4, 2022, a day I'll always remember
The day I bought a brand new RAV4
From Yorkdale Toyota, it was a thrill
I couldn't wait to get behind the wheel

But January came and my car was nowhere to be found
I called and called, but no one made a sound
I waited and waited, but still no news
From Toyota Sales, not even a clue

The months went by, and my patience wore thin
I started to wonder if I'd ever see it again
But I held on to hope, and I kept the faith
That one day my RAV4 would arrive, no matter the wait

And so I wait, with anticipation and cheer
Hoping that soon, my car will be here
But until that day, I'll keep on dreaming
Of the day I'll finally be driving, my RAV4 gleaming

Buying RAV 4
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