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How I Bought a Car at Yorkdale Toyota Toronto

My notes on the experience of being a component of a long running transaction

We want immediate answers. That's why waiting is so hard.

I bought a RAV4 on August 4
At the Yorkdale Toyota store
One hundred fifty days have passed
It now looks like a distant past

Toyota sends me no updates
They have too much on their plates
They play it very tough and rough
Because they think I'm smart enough

Buying RAV 4
But I'm not, I swallow dust
No longer I enjoy thin crust
It's been one hundred fifty days
But they still say, "Supply delays!"

Buying RAV 4
They have been fixing supply chains
While leaving customers in pains
They think I'm happy, smile and laugh
Because they think I'm smart enough


But little do they know, I'm feeling blue
I'm stuck driving an old beat up shoe
I thought my car would be sleek and new
But now it's just a pile of goo

Buying RAV 4
I thought I'd be cruising down the street
But now my car just can't compete
With all the shiny new models out
My car is what they're all about

Car makers, listen up and hear
You left us with a lot of fear
We thought we'd be driving in style
But the old cars just make us smile

So if you want to keep your customers happy
You better fix your supply snappy
Because waiting one hundred fifty days
Is just too long, it's a disgrace!
Buying RAV 4

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